1. (Q) What is the unique selling point of your Buschbeck Fireplace?
  2. (A) The unique selling point of our Buschbeck Masonry BBQ range is that they are supplied with an inner chimney hood (unlike most other masonry barbecue manufacturers). This allows you to burn logs. After cooking, you can create an amazing ambience by transforming your Buschbeck into a stunning fireplace.
  3. (A) The double walled construction of the fireplace allows you to choose either Charcoal or Wood as your fuel so you not only have a barbecue to cook on but also a patio heater to stay warm with as well!
  4. (A) Buschbeck is the only European manufacturer of Masonry Barbecue Fireplaces to have been awarded the TUV/GS product safety Standard


  1. (Q) Do your Buschbeck Barbecues have to be covered in Winter?
  2. (A) Buschbeck BBQ'S have Steel reinforced concrete & quartz on all components except the chimney, they can be used any time of year and they can withstand rain/frost.  There is no need to purchase a cover, but again, it's down to personal choice. 



  1. (Q) Do you have to Maintenance or paint your Buschbeck Barbecue?
  2. (A) Painting is not necessary as when/if it requires cleaning, you can power wash it.  You can paint it if it's your desire though, using a masonry paint.
  3. (A) Maintenance free. The unique material that our BBQ/Fireplaces are manufactured from means that there is no need to paint or render them ever!


  1. (Q) Is every Buschbeck BBQ supplied with mortar and a chrome cooking grill?
  2. (A) Yes, every Buschbeck model is supplied with mortar and a heavy duty chrome cooking grill.  We do supply cast iron grids though, if this is your preferred cooking option. 


         (Q) Do you need to purchase the Stainless Steel Fire Grate?

         (A)The Stainless Steel Fire Grate is a "nicety", not a necessity.  Each    Buschbeck model is supplied with a bevelled refractor base which is where you burn your charcoal/logs. The majority of customers tend to purchase one though, as it is easier to dispose of the ash.

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